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Thank you for visiting the home of the
Thursday Night Steel Tip Dart League

Contact Us     or email us at 

For reporting scores only:

Our Fax #: 1-513-855-2015


League Final Standings and awards are updated!

See everyone at the banquet January 13th at Gameworks at Newport on the Levee!!! Doors open at 6:30!!!

If you have won first or second place, Please email us with your full names or names you want on shirts and shirt sizes. We need to have these in ASAP!!!

Check the Awards Page. If your name is spelled wrong there, that is how it will be presented on your award!!! Let us know and we will change it!

New info is available in the From the President page. Please take a look.

Get ready to get your teams back together!!! Sign ups are just around the corner!!!
Signups: January 4th at Pegs Pub from 7:30-9:00

Packet Pickup / GM Meeting: February 1 at Pegs 7:30
LOD will follow.

League Play: Starts February 8!

Please take a second to read a message at the bottom of the website, in the "Message from the President" section.


We are only accepting emails to Please do not use The old yahoo address. We do not check it any longer and it has been deleted. When emailing sheets in, you will get an acknowledgement that we did in fact receive your email. Keep this in the event you have to prove you sent in the email.


The banquet has been finalized!!! We will be holding this years banquet on Saturday Jan 13th, GameWorks at Newport on the Levee. Even though this is a family friendly activity center, we ask that you please keep the kiddo's at home. This is a night out for the adults. Lots of other information will be posted soon and an actual flyer with additional information will be posted in the weeks to come.


We are NOT accepting score sheets at the office at Pegs. Please do not slide them under the door. Use one of the 3 avenues we have given you. Fax, take a picture and email, or mail it into our PO Box. I would hate to see a team get deducted points for a late score sheet because of this.

A friendly reminder. Please remember to clear your browser cache and phone cache if you are still seeing old documents and scores. Instructions on how to clear web cache are at the top of this page. Depending on what phone you have, there are different instructions on this. Please see your owners manual or Google it, for those directions. Typically the website will be updated by Weds before the next league night.
The Team game in the upper division is worth 2 Points. Despite what the score sheet says.


We Have Relocated to the basement of Pegs Pub for our home office. The new address is as follows:

PO BOX 62551, Cincinnati Ohio, 45262

Your Division Reps:

A Division: Andrea Griffieth - (859) 322-7569
 A- Division: Geoff Schwein - (513) 602-9789
B Division: Craig Creighton - (513) 266-6767
C+ Division: Joanna Spurling - (937) 944-3875
C Division: Eric Frantz - (513) 490-3516
D Division: Andy Belliveau - (513) 240-5213




Address for scanned score sheet Emails - ONLY

Our regular email address is


REMINDER - New players may only be added till
3rd week left in YOUR schedule


For new player sign ups - click button upper right
and follow directions for NEW online payment option.




We set up a Facebook page as another way to keep in touch.
Please check it out and like us, so we can get you on our list.




There is only to be ONE "official" score sheet.
This sheet is to be furnished by the HOME team.
This is why you  only have 10 sheets in you packet.
It is YOUR responsibility to properly fill out YOUR half of the sheet.
If you are a visiting team and you win - YOU MUST SEND IN THAT SHEET - Not a sheet that you did for your team.

Explanation - I come to your bar. I win. We each sign off - I send in a second sheet I wrote out to mirror your sheet and you wrote your names on that sheet too, and did not sign it, or write your team name on it. I send in that sheet and you get 3 point deducted. Not that this would necessarily be done on purpose, but it takes this out of the equation.

Captains - When you sign that sheet you are signing off that it is correct and the right sheet. Make sure it is!


We are welcoming a few new bars this session. If you are unfamiliar with their locations, do a map search before leaving.

Also it was brought to my attention that a few bars do not take CREDIT CARDS. We will try to update the bar list as to those who do not. But, in the mean time, if this is an issue,




See Bar Tab at top of page for address and phone numbers

Do not forget the local Luck of The Draw Tourneys

1st & 10 SPORTS BAR (Florence, Ky) - Saturday nights Sign ups close 8pm

PEG'S PUB (Sharonville, Oh) - Fri nights 8:30

Above times are when sign-ups CLOSE

All are well run friendly tourneys.

 If there are others - Let me know & we will post




A word from the President:


Hello everyone! Before I go into what I've been working on I just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of all of you! Thanks to you all we are THE biggest and BEST dart league in the Greater Cincinnati Area, and we are only going to get better. So thank all of you!!!

I Just wanted to keep everyone abreast of somethings that may change in the future. I understand that change can sometimes be scary, but I and others feel we need to do more to stand out against other dart leagues. We need to be innovative and come up with new and exciting things to keep steel tip darts alive in Cincinnati and N.Ky. Currently below is what I am working on. Th reason for this testing is to put the ownership of reporting scores on team captains. By using this method scores will be posted to the website in real time. No more waiting for a 5 days to see what everyone else did. I will demonstrate this during a GM meeting. But for now, below are my results of my testing.

So I started a proof of concept (testing) tonight with Google Sheets. The test consisted of taking the A division scoresheet and putting it out on our Google share Drive I have set up. Conditions I set for testing are as follows:

  1. Make the sheet protected so no one would be able to change anything.

  2. Permission protect only cells my team would be able to alter. Example, Armed and Hammered VS TBA. In my cell column I would only be able to input my scores for that week. TBA would only be able to add their scores and not be able to add anything anywhere else. This was tested successfully by protecting A/H so only I could change a score. Nikki and Craig both had access to the sheet but could not change anything outside of their permission scope.

  3. Overall standing are also locked so no one can change them as well.

  4. Able to see in real time when multiple people were making changes to the sheet. Scores were updated as soon as they were input.

  5. After scores are verified via email or FAX, we will then be able to lock those cells so that no changes can be made unless by a board member. Additional security precautions can be taken if needed as well. (I.E only granting that permission to Andy and The President)

  6. Content revision is active and working. Multiple changes and deletions were made and were able to restore to a prior version. Unsure of how long content revision archives though.

All in all, proof of concept testing went extremely well. The only downside to this is that people will need a gmail account to access the sheet (Not the drive, or, only specific areas of the drive). Here are some things we can do:

  1. Set up an account for each team. We would then be in control of all passwords as well for that account.

  2. At our GM meeting I do want to touch on this and get a room temperature of this and see if any teams would be willing to do some testing. Armed and Hammered is definitely going to do this and would encourage all of your teams to give it a shot.

  3. I think integrating this into our current website should be pretty easy as well.

Also please check out our current Facebook page. I have added some more possible/probable and definite things that are to come.

Thanks again for a great season everyone!!!!


Hello fellow darters! I just wanted to take a minute and discuss etiquette. Doing a quick search for the definition, I came up with this:

"The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group".

While this obviously is none of our profession this does translate to us as a group. At the captains meeting I tell everyone the importance of sportsmanship. This game begins with a handshake and is supposed to end with one. There are various ways this can be done.

* No distracting your opponent when they are throwing.

*Shaking hands or fist bumping the other player(s) when a match is completed, regardless of the outcome. Unfortunately there has to be a loser.

*Ensuring the other player recognizes that you have hit a winning shot to end the game before erasing the board.

*After your throw, if the shot looks questionable, pull your darts to the side and let the other player know, that yeah it was right on the wire but it was in fact in that triple, double, or single number you were throwing at.

*Not everyone is a mathlete. If someone marks the wrong score, chances are they arenít cheating and just did bad math. If this happens, POLITELY ask them what they hit and help/correct them on their score. Literally EVERYONE has done bad math or scored incorrectly at some point.

*Follow up to my previous statement. For the people being corrected about score, DO NOT get offended or mad or even embarrassed. EVERYONE has done bad math or scored incorrectly at some point.

*Disappearing in the middle of the match. Occasionally nature calls and you can not wait. A phone call that you absolutely have to take (emergency / work). Beverages / Food should be gotten prior to you throwing a match or in between legs. In the event you have to take that call or go to the bathroom, Let the player you are playing know what is going on, and apologizing doesnít hurt either.

These are just some of the things we all can do to improve our etiquette. In short treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. We are all here to have fun and to compete.

Hope to see everyone at GameWorks at Newport on the Levee on January 13 for our Winter banquet.


Hello Everyone. We are now into the third week of the season. There are some things that need to be said that should have been said during the General Membership meeting.

We DO NOT get paid to do our jobs. We do this voluntarily for the love of the game and because we love and respect this league. We have division reps to act as a liaison between the board, myself, and the players. Our jobs are to ensure rules are not broken, and to answer questions or field concerns that you as players may have.

Our jobs end, when we, as darters are in the middle of league play, and we will NOT take calls after 10:00 PM. This means, we will not take your calls after 10:00 PM on other nights  either. If there is an issue, we as the board need to address, we respectfully request you put it down in the form of an email to us at the league_info address. We will try to respond no later than a 24 hour period depending on the severity of the email. Calling multiple times and leaving multiple voice mails, will not make us call you back faster.

When reporting an incident or a concern in an email. Please remember that we need the following things. The 5 W's. Who, What, When, Where, and Why, and also a good return contact number. I appreciate every single one of you and we try to make this the most pleasurable darting experience for everyone. Just remember to always be courteous and good sportsmanship is paramount. Thanks again everyone, and shoot well!  

Mike Walterman (Waldo) - President



Who are we
What do we do...

We are the Thursday night steel tip dart league in Cincinnati.

We organize, schedule, run, oversee, enforce rules and generally make sure we have one of the best dart leagues around... 

What we do INFO

We are a Steel Tip Dart League serving Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky, Formed in 2002.  League Play is Thursday nights in participating bars in the greater Cincinnati area.  If you would like to throw darts competitively, please contact us and we will try to help you find a team to join


If you use AOL and are not receiving the correct updated information, see above on how to correct this.


Board Meetings are now the FIRST Wednesday of every month
at 7:30pm in the League office


Steel Tip In Cincinnati & Kentucky Office
PO Box 62551
Cincinnati, Ohio 45262
Fax: 1-513-855-2015




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